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Does this get adulthood?’ right is a blog series where a yr an adult writer watches or re-watches or reads a cultural work about adulthood and consider whether it’s depiction of adulthood is reflective of real life.

What’s the thing called? Party Down

When was the thing made? The show consisted of two ten-episode seasons produced between 2009 and 2010 and ran on the Starz premium cable network.

What’s the thing about? Party Down was about the relationships and aspirations of a crew of caterers working different events in the greater Los Angeles area. Each episode centered on one single event, and only followed the main characters, a mix of LA-types, when they were working the event. Adam Scott played a failed actor, Ken Marino was a burn-out-turned-crew manager, Martin Starr played an aspiring “hard sci-fi” screenwriter, Lizzy Caplan was a feisty comedienne and Ryan Hansen played an airhead, aspiring actor. In the first season, Jane Lynch rounded out the cast as a new-wavey-old-lady actress who never gave up the dream, and in the second, Lynch was replaced by Megan Mullally, who played a weird stage mom. It was a cast full of ringers, who each got chances to shine in the different, absurdist scenarios presented by the catering events.

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